Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend of riding in Abilene

Boozer and I went to Abilene for a weekend of trail riding and cliff work.  We got to meet some great people.  Becky, thank you for opening up your home and let me crash there for the weekend.  I really appreciate it.  To the Gray family, Boozer thanks you for giving him a stall and an all you can eat buffet of alfalfa and thrive.  I also thank you for all the food yall cooked while I was there, it was amazing.  I love surrounding myself with great horse people, and this family is a great horse family.  Dale, thank you for introducing me to great people, without you I would not be the horsewomen I am becoming.
Other then that we did lots of swimming in the ponds, and lots of cliff work and trail riding.  Just really bonding and learning to trust one another!  Amazing the things that come from a simple trail ride.  Boozer is coming along nicely!  The greatest thing of all is that even if we do not make top twenty, I will have an exceptional partner in crime.  LOL.  He is extremely intelligent and so willing to do everything that I ask of him.  Thank you Boozer for being such an AWESOME horse!  Thank you God for the opportunities in my life!

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