Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend of riding in Abilene

Boozer and I went to Abilene for a weekend of trail riding and cliff work.  We got to meet some great people.  Becky, thank you for opening up your home and let me crash there for the weekend.  I really appreciate it.  To the Gray family, Boozer thanks you for giving him a stall and an all you can eat buffet of alfalfa and thrive.  I also thank you for all the food yall cooked while I was there, it was amazing.  I love surrounding myself with great horse people, and this family is a great horse family.  Dale, thank you for introducing me to great people, without you I would not be the horsewomen I am becoming.
Other then that we did lots of swimming in the ponds, and lots of cliff work and trail riding.  Just really bonding and learning to trust one another!  Amazing the things that come from a simple trail ride.  Boozer is coming along nicely!  The greatest thing of all is that even if we do not make top twenty, I will have an exceptional partner in crime.  LOL.  He is extremely intelligent and so willing to do everything that I ask of him.  Thank you Boozer for being such an AWESOME horse!  Thank you God for the opportunities in my life!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

computer and phone up and running!

Okay, computer and phone up and running again.  Now I will try to stay a little more consistent with my updates!  I apologize for breaking my phone and the internet going up and down.  LOL !
Now that i got that off my chest!  Boozer has been doing really really well.  We are just keeping our heads low and working working working.  I am a little dissapointed that we will not be able to use anything cool at the competition like fire or flares or SOMETHING along those lines.  I had big plans.  Oh well, plans change.  Other then that Boozer is just working and coming along great!  Not really anything that interesting to report cause he is doing so good.  We have our bad days of course, dont get me wrong, but 90% of the time its a good day and that is what I want.  I dont expect him to be perfect.  Tomorrow he gets his second trim from Ren and then off to the horse course in weatherford!  Exciting.  Thanks for checking in.  More to come!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

week 8 continued

Boozer is doing good, still having issues going in circles but other then that he does everything fine!  Sunday of course he got to go team sorting and swimming and then monday I took him to chick practice.  Ive been going back and forth on teaching him trick riding.  I have never shown before and I just dont know what they are going to be looking for.  I dont know if that would impress anyone, I dont know!!!!!!! I just dont know!  I am clueless!  AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOL  Usually people want their horse to stop when they fall off, LOL, not me! Anyway, I decided what the heck, lets change it up a little and do some different stuff on ol' Boozer boy!  He took to it AMAZINGLY!  Stayed on the wall and let me do about 5 tricks on him.  Never got scared or upset, stayed a consistent speed, and stopped in the station.  He is an amazing animal.  The trust that he has is amazing.  Here is a little sneak peak at a trick that we did.  Happy riding!

Monday, June 28, 2010

week 8

Sorry so long for an update!  I hate that I dont have my camera to put pictures up!  All I have is videos, and they take forever to upload!  I will try to get some up though!
Boozer has been working hard!  We have been hanging out on a cutting horse ranch a lot, going to team sortings, and doing lots of swimming.  Boozer loves to swim!!!  We were having issues loping to the right so I finally broke down and took him to the chiropractor.  Yup, he was only out on the right!  He is all fixed up now and doing much better to the right!  Been working on our flying lead changes and he is doing great!  Spins are getting good!  Hopefully I will have my camera back before this thing is over!  LOL  Till next time!  Happy trails!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

week 5 going into week 6

Spent most of the week with Ren and Brandy!  They are so awesome to take me on and take me all around with them.  We went to so many of their clients places that opened up their homes to us and let us ride in their arenas.  So good for him.  Thank you to all those people.  Boozer and I really appreciate it.
We went to Mesquite for the rodeo this weekend.  Boozer did pretty good.  He has even learned that after the rodeo when we go to talk to the crowd he side passes to the rail and lets the people reach thru and pet him.  He is such a good boy.  So patient with the kids grabbing his whiskers, and ears, and whatever else they can get their hands on.
Sunday we went back to the team sorting at Ellis arena.  They are such great people, and the people that attend it are so awesome also.  Everyone is so patient and willing to teach and help.  Boozer did exceptionally awesome.  Last week we were good at getting the cow out but not good at keeping the gate.  This week we were awesome at both and when one of the cows tried the gate that was not suppose to he actually CUT it.  I was so proud of him, along with everyone else that was there.  Shock and awe!!!!!
Monday was practice for the Chicks.  Boozer tagged along and I worked him in the round pen.  I then jumped on bareback and worked him.  He did so good, he is so sensitive to my body.  We walked trotted and loped.  He did so good.  He is such a willing and responsive horse.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Obstacle course wednesday!

Today I tagged along with Ren and Brandy while they went around weatherford making horses happier with natural hoof care.  Met a lot of great people and got to take Boozer along.  At one stop they had an obstacle course and he did great.  I was a very proud mama today!  Lots of compliments on how great an animal he was, and how brave he was.  Some of the ladies wanted me to rename him to braveheart, lol.  But his name will remain Boozer!  I will agree with them he was extremely brave.  His body would tense if he was not sure of something, then he would go right for it without me having to push him forward.  We did tons of great obstacles.  Tomorrow Ren will do his feet, and I am hoping that will resolve his tripping issue.  He is not tripping bad, but enough.
After the obstacle course we had a few more stops, then we went to one of the places Ren and Brandy keep their horses.  We got to ride all over that land, and thru the pond, and open and close gates and see deer.  Boozer never ceases to amaze me.  He is so funny, he wants to go go go, and not in a bad way.  He is loving all the places we have been going and the adventures we are encountering.  We have another fun filled day tomorrow planned, so until tomorrow night, have a great one!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday at the team penning!

Boozer went to his first team penning sunday the 6th!  He did GREAT!  We were a little slow on the gate but pushing the cows he was a natural.  I have not put a bit on him yet and he is doing great!  
Monday I took him to practice with me, tied him right next to all the action and you would of never known that he was wild.  He was half asleep the whole time.